Position description

Each Administrator (Project Manager) undertakes the complete management of an Athens Direct Platform, such as Door2Door.gr or Invites.gr. Each Administrator will be responsible, inter alia, for:

  • The promotion and promotion of the Platform in order to attract young people customers. 
  • Proper customer service. 
  • Communication with suppliers or external partners.
  • The solution of any problem that arises.
  • Anything related to the smooth operation of the Platform

Each Administrator will have assistance from Partners and Junior Consultants and if the platform’s finances allow, he will be able to hire his own team, exclusively for the support of the Platform.

Each Platform will operate as a “Shop in shop” within Athens Direct, with the prospect of autonomy, where the Administrator will become a Partner / Shareholder of the new company that will emerge.

The Managers will operate on the basis of achieving pre-agreed objectives, in which case a significant part of their remuneration will be a function of the financial results they will achieve. Each Administrator will have significant autonomy and ease of action and initiative, in order to achieve the goals that have been set from the beginning.


Characteristics of the candidates 

  • Have graduated from a university related to business administration.
  • Have at least 3-5 years of experience in a similar project management position.
  • To know the area of ​​tourism and the area of ​​the Platform that they will undertake.
  • Have a business mindset and organizational / managerial skills. 
  • Have a team spirit and be able to function as leaders / members of one team. 
  • Be very good at communicating with customers, partners and suppliers. 
  • Demonstrate professionalism, respect, reliability, honesty and patience.

Those interested can contact Mr. Stathis Perdikis, its director Athens Direct, at 210 3318576 or send their CV to Stathis.perdikis@athensdirect.gr.

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