Position description

Junior Travel Consultants are the backbone of Athens Direct Travel. Their purpose is to serve the clients of the office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

To each Consultant A specific clientele is assigned and the Consultant’s goal is to find out travel preferences of each customer, so that he / she can serve him / her as much as possible better. The role of the Consultant is to be “by the side” of his clients and to inspire them with confidence in his abilities to handle his / her travels with complete success.

Personal Advisers, in addition to serving existing customers, are encouraged to “build” their own clientele, so that in a reasonable time they can be promoted to Partners / Senior Travel Consultants. They are also trained in the operation of the Athens Direct Platforms, so that on the one hand they can use them to book their clients, on the other hand they have the opportunity to develop them and maybe take on some of them as Project Managers or start a new one.


Characteristics of the candidates

  • Have graduated from TEI or AEI related to tourism professions or studies in business Administration.
  •  Have at least 3-5 years of experience in travel agencies. 
  • Thank them for customer service and travel planning. 
  • Demonstrate professionalism, respect, reliability, honesty and patience. 
  • Know Saber or Amadeus, Forth CRS and Panasoft.
  • Have experience in hotel reservations, car rentals and in general in providing the services of a travel agency.
  • To be able to serve customers, in case of need, overtime their. 
  • Be willing to create a personal clientele (individuals, groups, clubs, etc).


Those interested can contact Mr. Stathis Perdikis, its director Athens Direct or send their CV to Stathis.perdikis@athensdirect.gr

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