Position description

Athens Direct Travel offers the opportunity to professionals with many years of experience in the field of tourism, entertainment and events, such as travel agency owners or senior executives, to operate as a “shop in shop” at Athens Direct.

For example, a travel agency owner can “transfer” his operation to Athens Direct and thus get rid of fixed costs, such as rent, PPC, OTE and accounting. Also, a high-ranking executive who wants to try his luck as a freelancer, can get under the umbrella of Athens Direct and thus significantly reduce the risk in relation to the creation of his own company.

Those interested should either come from tourism and entertainment, or from related professions such as wedding planners, tour guides and conference companies. The Partners continue to serve their clientele as before, with the only difference that they are now under the umbrella of Athens Direct.

At Athens Direct we believe that the ten-year economic adventure of our country has developed a dynamic to create larger schemes through partnerships of smaller companies. What has not happened in the last decade may happen in the coming months due to the pandemic.

Athens Direct wants to take advantage of the fact that the current government not only seeks mergers with a growth footprint, but also promotes processes, incentives and a new institutional framework that will encourage the mobilization of business forces of all sizes. In this context, the management of Athens Direct seeks to create a robust structure, resistant to financial crises, but also able to compete at a high level with the existing important “players” in the tourism market. We firmly believe in “Power in Unity”!


Characteristics of the candidates

• Have a significant personal clientele (individuals, groups, associations, etc.).

• Be able to work without supervision, based on goals that will be set jointly.

• Have a freelancer mentality and not an “employee mentality”.

The cooperation package includes:

  • Significant commissions on net profit from the provision of any travel service – air and ferry tickets, hotel reservations, individual or group travel, conferences, etc.
  • Athens Direct business card with the title of choice of the Partner e.g. Senior Travel Consultant.

  • Office infrastructure in the workplace of Athens Direct (work station), both for daily service of the Partner’s clients, as well as for meetings and for everything else that the office infrastructure of Athens Direct can provide.


  • Secretarial and accounting support: Each Partner will have full secretarial and accounting support from Athens Direct (information for phone calls, faxes, emails, invoices, detailed cards of customers and suppliers, etc).
  • Corporate email and Office 365

  • Application from Athens Direct for an allowance from OAED, provided that the candidate Partner is entitled to some assistance.

  • Anything else that can serve the needs or desires of the Partner, in the context of a mutually beneficial cooperation with Athens Direct.

Collaboration can take two forms:

  1. Part-time employment (includes insurance coverage, bonuses and gifts), plus profit-based commissions.

  2. Start (or continue) work by providing a service invoice (block).

If you consider that you have the above characteristics and are interested in becoming a member of Athens Direct Travel, contact Stathis Perdikis, Director of Athens Direct, at 210 3318576 or send your CV to Stathis.perdikis@athensdirect.gr

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