Position description

The Associates are the support staff of Athens Direct Travel and the future Junior Consultants. Their purpose is to support the Junior and Senior Consultants of the office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Each Partner will be trained by the Junior + Senior Consultant that will serve, in order to learn all the booking systems used by Athens Direct and to be able to carry out the searches that will be required. Also, each Partner will help the Platform Managers (Projects Managers), in order to learn the operation of all Athens Direct Platforms.

Characteristics of the candidates

• Have graduated from TEI or AEI related to tourism professions or administration business.
• Work experience is not required, but any previous service will evaluated positively.
• Thank them for customer service and travel planning.
• Demonstrate professionalism, respect, reliability, honesty and patience.
• To be able to serve customers, in case of need, overtime their.

Those interested can contact Mr. Stathis Perdikis, Athens Direct CEO, at 210 3318576 or send their CV to stathis.perdikis@athensdirect.gr

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