One-day cruises in Greece

Athens Direct will create a platform with one-day and multi-day cruises in various parts of Greece. On a map of Greece the visitor will be able to see as pins the available cruises per region and by clicking on the pin, he will be able to read more information about the cruise and then make a reservation. Any boat owner or cruise company interested in participating in the platform can contact Athens Direct at +30 210 3318570 or

Airport bus

Athens Direct will create the first private shuttle service (airport shuttle) between Athens International Airport, El. Venizelos, and the city of Athens. The buses of 12-18 seats will depart from the airport every 20 minutes, will transport travelers to their destination in Athens (houses, hotels, AirBNB apartments, etc.), then will pick up those who want to go to the airport and return to El . Venizelos.

Passengers must have made a reservation on the platform of, so that the driver knows where and when he will meet them. The aim of the platform is to attract travelers who want the convenience of a door-to-door transfer, without spending a lot of money. For more information contact Athens Direct at 210 3318570 or at

Organized Travel Packages

On the TravelDirect platform the visitor will find organized vacation packages, trips and excursions from Athens Direct Travel partners. The platform is a reference point (one-stop shop / source), where every traveler can quickly and easily find the package or the trip he is looking for, inside and outside Greece. The trips offered have been selected by the Athens Direct Consultants with criteria such as the experience and reliability of the partner, the value for money and the syllabus. The reservation is made by an Athens Direct Travel Consultant, but the organization and realization of the trip is done by the respective partner.

For more information contact Athens Direct at 210 3318570 or at

Selected boutique villas in Greece will be a platform with selected villas and accommodation throughout Greece, both in winter and summer destinations. The choice of accommodation will be based on specific criteria, such as the quality of construction and furniture, the location, the services provided and the level of desired guest service. The selected accommodations will not be luxury villas with inaccessible prices, but houses made with taste, which will offer a comfortable stay at affordable prices.

Owners who choose to become members of VillasDirect will benefit, among other things, from increased brand recognition, an additional booking channel from Greece and abroad, extensive marketing and advertising campaigns, joint quality assurance protocols and consulting support at all levels of home operation. Respectively, the travelers who will choose a accommodation of VillasDirect will have the guarantee of a brand name, will have access to accommodation with common features in many areas in Greece, as they will be able to benefit from all the other services of Athens Direct Travel.

Any property owner interested in including their accommodation on the platform can contact Athens Direct at +30 210 3318570 or

Online invitations will be a tool for creating online invitations, where users will be able to use the platform templates to design invitations, send them to their friends and see their responses. The aim of the platform is to digitize the organization of some events, for the guests to have a digital invitation and for the organizer to have all the responses in one place.

The platform will be accompanied by a corresponding application, so that users can check the status of their event at any time. An Invite can be anything from a simple invitation to a kids’ party to a wedding invitation or a corporate invitation.

Anyone interested in more information can contact Athens Direct at +30 210 3318570 or

Sports tourism

Athens Direct and the Futsal team of Panathinaikos created SportsTours, a collaboration aimed at creating and promoting sports packages that combine various popular sports with tourism.

Initially, SportsTours will organize packages in Athens and its nearby suburbs, which will combine futsal & 5 * 5 with tourist events.

For more details visit or contact Athens Direct at +30 210 3318570 and at

Land & Air Transport will be an online platform for online transfer bookings within Greece. Initially it will offer transfers (airport transfers) between Athens International Airport, El. Venizelos and Athens, including the suburbs. Guests will be able to choose between taxis, executive sedans, limousines, minivans, minibuses and buses of various sizes.
The platform will be addressed mainly to companies and organizations related to travel and tourism (Greek and foreign travel agencies, travel agents, tour operators, event planners, etc.), but also to companies and organizations with executives who travel frequently. The platform will also be available to individuals, both Greeks and tourists who want to visit Greece. If the start-up is successful, the platform will expand its services to the rest of mainland Greece, as well as to the islands

Last minute travel

Athens Direct will create a platform where companies in the field of travel, entertainment and events will be able to offer last minute deals. Initial categories will include:

  • Air tickets
  • Hotels
  • Rent a car
  • Organized travel


  • Theater,
  • concerts,
  • performances,
  • Sports events
  • Seminars
  • Theme parks

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