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Airline Tickets

Book your plane ticket now!

Athens Direct Travel can secure any airplane ticket you wish for travelling within the country or abroad. Unlike online bookings, where the passenger must issue the ticket immediately, Athens Direct Consultants can:

  • Book an airplane ticket from months in advance up until a few hours before departure.

  • Put you on a waiting list and request / await a cheaper fare.

  • Combine flights from different airlines.

  • Communicate directly with the appropriate employee at each airline, in order to provide a solution to any possible issue.

  • Offer exactly what the passenger needs, at the best possible price.

In addition to booking and issuing airplane tickets, Athens Direct Consultants are able to:

  • Check-in by choosing the seat desired by the customer (window or isle, front or back etc.)

  • Enter the customer’s Frequent Flyer card number for each booking, so that the miles of each flight are automatically rewarded.

  • Pass any additional requests (vegetarian meal, unaccompanied minors, wheelchair, etc.)

Athens Direct Travel Ακτοπλοϊκά

Ferry tickets

Book your ferry ticket now!

Athens Direct Travel cooperates directly with most Greek ferry companies, such as the following:

Through the ForthCrs system or the individual systems of each ferry company, Athens Direct Consultants have the possibility of immediate booking and issuance of ferry tickets. Also, the Consultants can serve the following:

  • Change tickets or convert them into open tickets.

  • Change passenger details (passenger name, license plate number, etc.)

  • Cancellation of tickets

  • Sending tickets where it serves the customer

Collection of tickets from the Athens Direct office.

Athens Direct Travel Ξενοδοχεία


Hotel Reservations from Athens Direct!

Athens Direct Travel has access to thousands of hotels both in Greece and abroad, either directly or through online booking systems only for travel agencies. Based on the customer’s criteria (price, comfort, location, etc.) the Travel Advisor suggests the appropriate options for the customer to choose the accommodation that best suits their criteria.

After your Travel Guide confirms your reservation, they will send you a Hotel Voucher listing all the information you need, in order to check-in at your hotel. Hotel Voucher is proof that you have paid for the room at Athens Direct, so you do not have to pay anything at the hotel, except for any extra charges you make on the spot, such as room service or use of the mini bar.

In addition to the voucher provided by the Consultant, to check-in at the hotel you will need:

  • your passport or ID (depending on destination)

  • A credit card (some hotels also accept debit cards, but most accept credit cards only. If you do not have a credit card, please inform your Advisor to suggest alternatives).

Athens Direct Travel Ενοικιάσεις Οχημάτων

Car rental

Rent the vehicle you are interested in now!

Athens Direct Travel cooperates with the largest car rental companies, as well as with local companies throughout Greece and abroad. Depending on the case, the Travel Advisor will suggest the company that will best meet the needs of the client.

After your Travel Advisor confirms your reservation, he will send you a Rental Car Voucher, where he will list all the information you need to pick up your car when you arrive at your destination. The price that the customer will pay includes the rental of the car, the obligatory insurance, as well as any additional benefits requested by the customer, such as GPS or child seat.

In addition to the voucher provided by the Consultant, you will need:

  • Your passport or ID (depending on destination)
  • The driving license
  • The credit card of the main driver (some rental companies also accept debit cards, but most only accept credit cards. If you do not have a credit card, please inform your Advisor to suggest alternatives).

  • Before renting a car, check the rental terms so that you are aware of your rights and obligations.

  • Most companies only rent cars to adults over the age of 21 with at least 1 year of driving license.

  • If you are under 25, you may have to pay an extra charge.

  • If you want extra security, you should ask for it at the counter when you arrive at your destination.


Business travel

Organize your sea getaway with us now!

Our Travel Guides pay special attention to business trips, because they know how demanding and important such a trip can be. Unlike a vacation trip, a business trip is rarely for fun and entertainment, which is why Athens Direct Consultants are always available to the client, for anything needed during the trip.

The Personal Travel Advisor “monitors” the development of each business trip and is ready to serve their client at any time or to prevent unwanted developments. For example, on a winter road trip to 10 cities in the US, the Consultant found out that Chicago Airport was about to close in 2 hours and remain closed for several days due to impending bad weather, so she immediately informed her client, changed his ticket and managed to “send” him off to his next destination, so he did not have to change his schedule, nor did he suffer in Chicago.

Athens Direct

Incentive Travel

Organize your Incentive activities now!

Incentive / reward travel is nowadays a modern and effective “tool” adopted by companies worldwide because:

  • They are an incentive for executives to achieve their goals

  • They are an opportunity for team bonding between the winners and an opportunity to share experiences outside the workplace.

  • They increase the chances that the executives will stay in the company and be loyal to it.

  • They help employees and executives feel that their efforts are appreciated by management.

  • They create beautiful memories for participants that can last a lifetime.


Conferences seminars

Organize your trip for the Conference or Seminar that interests you, now!

Athens Direct Travel Travel Consultants have significant experience in organizing Seminars & Conferences. The Travel Advisor who will undertake your professional event will be informed about the goals of the event, the style and all the parameters that will be set by the organizer. Then the whole organization will be managed, from the selection of the appropriate space and the hotel where the delegates will stay, to the smallest detail in the decoration of the conference room, always according to the style of the event and the preferences of the client.

The services provided by the Travel Advisor in the organization of Conferences and Seminars, among others, are the following:

  • Proposal for the style, structure and duration of the event, based on the customer criteria.

  • Budget preparation & monitoring, so that expenses remain under control.

  • Choice of conference venue and hotel for guests to stay.

  • Choice of conference venue and hotel for guests to stay.

  • Organization of delegates’ transportation (from / to the airport, tours, from / to restaurants, etc.).

  • Organizing excursions and events for the attendants.

  • Financial Review

Athens Direct Travel Πακέτα Εκδρομών

Travel Projects

Athens Direct undertakes the organization and management of personal or professional projects that include travel services or require travel consulting. Based on the complexity of the project, the number of participants and the amount of the budget, the project is assigned to a Project Manager (Senior or Junior Travel Consultant), who has at his disposal the infrastructure, tools and partners of Athens Direct Travel.

Below are some examples of Travel Projects undertaken by Athens Direct:

Bilderberg Club: In 2007 Athens Direct was selected to organize and coordinate the transfers at the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Club in Asteras Vouliagmeni. The meeting was attended by important personalities from around the world, such as the Queen of Spain, the presidents of the FED and the ECB, ministers and members of parliament of foreign countries as well as members of the Greek political class and journalists. Athens Direct coordinated the welcome of the guests at Elliniko airport, their transfer to Asteras, all the transfers required during the meeting, as well as the return of all members back to the airport.

Winter Special Olympics Poland: In 2008 Athens Direct was selected to coordinate the transfer of the Olympic flame from Athens to Poland, for the start of the Special Olympics. The flame passed through many European countries and was transported from country to country by air and in some places by road, with local runners and members of the Special Olympics Committee, whose transportation was also managed by Athens Direct.

Metaxa Academy: Since 2012, the House of Metaxa has commissioned Athens Direct to organize the Metaxa Academies, a three-day expedition aimed at inviting people from all over the world to learn the history of the House and how the famous drink is produced. On the first day, the guests fly to Samos, where they learn about the production of muscat, a key ingredient of Metaxas. On the second day they return to Athens, visit the facilities of the House and the experience continues with a dinner but Metaxa. On the third day the visit ends with a short tour of Athens.

Explore Greece: In 2019, Remy Cointreau, the parent company of Metaxas, commissioned Athens Direct to organize Explore Greece, a program to promote Greek hospitality through the “eyes” of Metaxas. Together with the team of The Clumsies, one of the top bars in the world, Explore Greece that year had as its object the exploration of the flavors of Crete. Top five bartenders from around the world created five unique cocktails each with a 12 Star METAXA. The Athens Direct team managed to host about 200 people, invited from 20 different countries, who traveled to Athens and Crete to attend the three Explore Greece events.

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